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Re: Heavily Altered Amp Station on Esamir PTS

- Amp station is dissected into infantry friendly courtyards (3 parts and a central building).
- One cap point for each slice for a total of 3 (walled compounds). Each cap gives an underground spawn room nearby (if you cap it, spawn room converts to your faction). Overall there would be 4 spawn rooms including the defender's.
- SCU seems gone replaced by a central defender spawn room. There's at least one generator for the main outer entrance as before.
- It's almost inspired by the Octagon but lacks the platforms. Just stairs, ground, walls and buildings.
- Outer walls are heavily shielded (closed), except for areas overlooking the spawn room exits. Spawn room exits coming from the ground has painfields all over. Imo, they aren't enough. There will be a potential spawn camp galore in here.

Suggested fixes:
- The two infantry stairs on the sides can be traversed by Sunderers. I assume Harassers can easily run it too. As well as maybe tanks. Hence the infantry-only courtyards cannot really be possible. Sure, the Sunderers can't deploy but still they can participate in fights. Worse if that's a Harassers

- They need to seal the backside entrances as well from vehicles. Another entry point that can lead to the stairsways. Making the base porous to any vehicles.

- Move A to front of base instead of offset right. There's an empty building there with a platform in the middle. I'm not sure what that is for. But that's probably good for A spawn. Just give it an artificial roof.

- Spawn room exits seem easy to camp coming from underground. They probably need to move the shields at the mouth of the entrance itself. Eventhough enemies aren't afforded to enter due to painfields, it's easy to spawn camp that long tunnel.

Overall, seems like their attempt to separate vehicles from infantry fights. It's generally awesome except from some downside (read above). They probably can experiment with jumpads leading up to the main building . Can't wait to test it in combat. It's shaping up to be an infantry bloodbath (everything else that can be adjusted aside, now all it really need is that promised dome shields up top).
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