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Re: Balancing Factor: Resource Storage Limit

I've been keeping track of resource stuff and I think that there's some misinformation from everybody.

A glaring omission that I'm seeing in this thread is the lack of talk of resources being used to further character development, which was an early feature of the information we received about resources. My understanding was character development could be progressed for a one time, high cost expenditure for unlimited, free use of any specific sidegrade. If you don't go that route, then you spend a very small amount each time you spawn with that sidegrade.

So my comments were in the context of that system being something that would be considered by a person who was determining what to spend their resources on next. That system is also (as I understand) the reason why Higby would say that you will never be in the position as to have so many resources you don't know what to do with them.

As for illegal RMT, give the community tools to self-police themselves or at least make it easy to report any sort of ingame advertising, punish the buyer and the seller. SOE is taking cues from EVE Online with the skill system, they could stand to learn from EVE Online when it come to combatting RMT.

Every single piece of Auraxium that a player buys from a gold farmer is equivalent to a portion of a station buck, they're going to care a whole lot more about illegitimate trading than other (non-F2P) MMO studios.
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