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Re: Balancing Factor: Resource Storage Limit

I would actually be in favor of a combination Soft Cap and Hard Cap. Think of it this way. You generate resources at normal rates until you hit the Soft Cap. The total numerical amount of resources acquired when you hit the Soft Cap would support the game mechanic concept of "Never having enough resources to not know what to do with..." Now you are at the Soft Cap level and are still receiving a mod/high diminishing return on your resource pull until you hit the Hard Cap.

At that point you would have enough resources to support some crazy 6 hour mega session of whipping out shit left and right while burning your resources back down to well below the Soft Cap. Think of it like a Resource Alpha Strike and something to try and save up for in order to go on a massive load out burn.

Notice this was all conceptual. We don't know how the resource placement/types will play out, the ratio of resource burn for what ever you are purchasing, the rate at which resources are gained and what resource value is "more then you will ever spend on a very long day of playing..."

Once Higgles recently made the announcement about the "types of categories you can expect in the shop are X,Y and Z and this is what will acquire them..." The discussions and game mechanics about resources is more important then ever.
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