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Re: Balancing Factor: Resource Storage Limit

I think some confusion may stem from the fact that some things require purchasing in more than one way.

For example, if I want to use a grenade launcher attachment for my rifle, I may have to spend cert point to unlock that option. Cert points are gained by leveling up through gameplay, and from what I have gathered will probably be more like Tribes Ascends experience system than PS1's cert system.

Now that I have spent those cert points (or payed real money in the cash shop), I never have to unlock that grenade launcher attachment again. It is always unlocked.

However if I actually want to USE it, I may have to pay some resources. Resources don't unlock things, they allow you access to things.

It's been mentioned several times already, but the tech plant/MBT example from the first game is really the closest analogy we have. It's like a much more varied version of that, with more variables in the form of different resources and a lot more equipment that requires them.

Bottom line though, this system will still be significantly different from PS1 and the tech plants. Losing a resource will not instantly deny you access to specific equipment, although depending on how it is balanced you may lose access shortly after.

We know resources will be used to incentivise capturing or defending specific territory. We know that we will never have more than we know what to do with of any given resource. All of this indicates not only that there will be some sort of cap or other limiting factor, but that such a limit is essential to balancing the game model they are developing.

Obviously until we get our hands on beta, the devs will always know better than us. I have enough trust that they will get the system pretty close to where it needs to be, since this is much more of an economic side of the game than a skill based gameplay side which can be harder to get right without real world testing.

The only reason I hope for something like a soft cap is that it can still be easily just as balanced as a hard cap, while being potentially much more dynamic and interesting. In my experience, having a more dynamic system makes things more fun and interesting in most situations. I want Planetside 2 to be easy to get into and mess around with for new players, but as deep as possible for those who want to put the time in.
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