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Chavez isn't exactly making things more stable in the region around Venezuela and the Gulf either.

Well I'd say Obama had the right idea (for America anyway) in becoming less dependent on foreign oil and more dependent on own, renewable energy sources. The Hoover Dam is one of the best things that happened to the US in that respect on an engineering level.

I also don't quite get why it took so long for companies and countries to think of stimulating the building of huge solar plants in desert areas. Similarly, getting energy out of the earth's crust to warm houses would save a ton of money and energy (heatpumps: dig a deep hole, pump cold water in, get hot water out).

And then there's simply more efficient use of energy (less heat losses through isolation, re-use of waste energy). That's all money saving on long term after an investment. Which is actually good for the economy in the long run. Sure it costs a bit, but hey, everything costs stuff.

Especially the African nations could become a huge source of energy for the world tbh, somehow they never realised that potential till the last decade. Algeria and Morocco for instance are now building large solar plans with French investors. I expect a lot more of that sort of thing to happen.
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