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Re: Who's The Best?

Pilot - Fayaz or Ap0ck
Tank Driver - Baron (XBaronX/Baronx1), NinjaBlaze, Crest, Kanya
Gunner - Crest
Cloaker - Duomaxwl
Grunt - Nickp/nickptr/nickpdt, Dark44, PGxMunroe, DartDT, MirrorBoy, Ap0ck, Fayaz, wesley314
Spec Ops - PGxMunroe, wesley314, Supertroopers (outfit)
Lightning/Atv Driver - wesley314 and ltcrockett
Hacker - Jpmunroe/FreeSample (He got away with it for a while, til he got caught lol)
Spit/Mine Layer
Transport Driver - Thannis, E0tech, Opirr (Gal pilot)
Nuisance - WaaWaaWeWaGreatSuccess and his 30 alts
All Around Player: Syrupy or Kemala - two newer players i played with last year that did better than many older players overall.

Retired NC CR5, Cerberus Company.
Not currently playing PS2. Anyone with a similar name is not me. My only characters are listed in my stats profile here on PSU.
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