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Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
COD infantry combat where enemies randomly spawn all over the place is not tactical, it is randomly shooting all over the place.

Tactics implies realism, not wackamole or Donkey Kong. At least an ounce of realism would be sufficient.
The year is twenty-eight-hundred... something. Interstellar travel is possible, and you have guys on one side spewing plasma energy all over the place obeying some cryptic disembodied voice, yet one guy with the ranking privileges to call in ODST's to his position is beyond the realm of suspension of disbelief?

Last I heard, it's about 3 squad members tops, with a few minutes cooldown before the squad can spawn on top of their leader again. An infiltrator or LA getting behind enemy lines would only be capable of summoning a small team of commandos, however effective they may be.
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