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So I played Planetside for the first time

Short version: Why the hell did I wait so long to play this damn game?

So the other day I was bored. The Guild Wars 2 beta weekend was over and I want something to play to kill time until I get into the Planetside 2 beta. I decided to try out the original Planetside. Okay yeah the game is old, and the shooter mechanics aren't the greatest but damn I'm having a lot of fun. My first night I had like 13 kills and 94 deaths, but that didn't stop me from having a blast.

A friend joined in with me and we got a Prowler out and went around from base to base. Had that thing alive for over an hour of fighting, retreating and repairing. It was so much fun driving and calling shots for him.

The original Planetside was a game I've always wanted to get into. However I was only thirteen when it came out and didn't quite have a computer to run it. That's a little young for MMO's too. But when I was older and put together my first gaming PC I kind of ignored it because I figured the game had run its course. Planetside and DAOC were the games I always wanted to get into during their prime.

I still barely know how everything works but hey if you see me on TR I'm more than willing to put together a squad and make sure bases and towers get captured.
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