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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

Originally Posted by Synapses View Post
Man shut up with this crap. VS hit there cap of sign ups. Soo.. Point invalid.

And why did the ones that did not get moved do the honorable thing and run back or even better really show honor and just WAIT until the rest of the forces showed up to put on the hack. *sigh* Idiots up in this place I swear.
You're right, we did hit our sign up cap. But we weren't all in Oshur when the event started. We began with around 28% pop, everyone else had more men.

It would appear that your jimmies have been rustled. Even though we still lost you continue to have your panties in a twist over Atar. I started in the warpgate and ran to Jamshid. The majority of the VS went to Atar anyway so our forces did "show up".
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