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I saw my first enemy cloaker using a Spiker last night. It is not fun being on the recieving end of that puppy. I actually hope this doesnt catch on so I can hold the monopoly

As far as the equipment module necessary for the Spikers, here is what I have found:
Infiltrators are usually adv hackers and have AMS. HART into a friendly empire cont lock base next to an active geowarp, Matrix, spawn an AMS and go on down. Deploy next to a redoubt building, go inside and hack a term. Switch to your largest armor and fill up MAX suits work great. Go back to the AMS and deconstruct back to the base and fill up your locker. You wont be able to deconstruct back to your AMS so get another vehicle or hoof it back down. So you can only really deconstruct one-way but it doesnt take but about 15min to fill a locker full of Spikers.

I go through about 8-10 Spikers in an evening of play. A full locker lasts me a week and in the off chance you spawn in a base that has an equip mod or that is on the lattice, you can fill up
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