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The thread is:

Basically someone commented that being able to use third person for infantry was a cheap tactic and asked if anyone else thought the same. The resulting posts were mainly more of the same, especially if you included Darklight. SmokeJumper jumps in and stirs it up a bit by saying:

I would like to hear reasons why the third-person view should be left *IN*. Are there any?
I have only two reasons: Vehicles are easier to drive in third-person and in air combat, especially, it's critical.

But for infantry, I really don't have any reasons other than "it's nice to be able to look at your face once in a while". Of course, you can see that on the character selection page maybe that's not a reason.

Anything else?
Nothing saying yes or no, just SmokeJumper asking what the community thinks about the issue.
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