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Re: New Buddy Keys!

Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
That is one hell of a thread bump and beautiful use of the search feature, I'll see if my direct 2 drive account has an extra key i can give you.
Thanks bud, I saw Direct2Drive on the ps website, was wondering what it was all about ,

Thats sad to hear the buddy system is no more, I remember people complaining about the free trials when i was playing, Stupid hackers with there bs.
For me the whole reason to play an fps is to hone in your shooting skills and coordination, cheating kinda makes it useless

Asses have to ruin every attempt a game company gives at some free play!

Anyways, im hoping and praying that i'll eventually get a ps1 or 2 key, perhaps ps2 beta would be great, im good at beta testing!
Hopefully if my life gets better anytime soon i'll be able to buy planetside, I wish i would have started playing in the beginning, i knew guys who got a lifetime membership for being veterans, lucky souls!
Thats why im hoping to get a ps2 beta key as well Idk if there ever going to charge for accounts but if they did it would be badass to be a lifetime veteran member

Sorry for the rambling lol... i deleted about half of it.

Tyvm for your time and happy late holidays.

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