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Re: PlanetSide as a Leadership Skill

Planetside saw some fantastic leaders, but the game was flawed in that too many unqualified individuals attained leadership tools. Planetside 2 will be much different, as the players will choose who they want to hear and follow.

To expand on the point of the article. There have many who have put down gaming for some time. When I was young, I played some paper and pen RPG games and it was frowned on by some, but I did a TON of reading of the resource books and this was definitely beneficial. Planetside is one of many games that offer an opportunity for an individual to use and evolve their leadership and organizational skills. Many try and simply don't have the social skills to do it. Some are great at logistics, but cannot manage the relationships to keep a team on task and successful. You need to be a people person and you need to be able to clearly communicate what you mean. I am soo looking forward to working with the player base again. Old faces and new.
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