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What an interesting take on Planetside!

I've got to agree that leadership can be learned from some games, especially ones like Planetside. I think that yes, there were plenty of squad leaders that just wanted CR5 and were whoring the CEP, but there were also lots of squad leaders and outfit leaders and officers who took their roles seriously. In a group that I frequently ran with, there were about 6 of us. One had been in the military as an officer, and he frequently led our group. We didn't mind that he was long since a CR5, he knew how to bring out the best in us and we liked being our best.

And pretty regularly, and I don't know if he was tired of always leading or wanted us all to get the experience of leadership, one of the rest of us would take charge of the squad. We'd plan what we wanted to do, how to do it, and then we'd execute our little strategy. Leading as we went. Good times!

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