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Re: PlanetSide as a Leadership Skill

Yes. I think there's an unfair perception about video games that they're somehow hollow. It really depends on the game. A game like PlanetSide with tactical organization and teamwork can be great for leadership and social skills. A game like Final Fantasy can be great for developing your imagination, story telling abilities and empathy. Games like Portal can be great for problem solving and logic skills. They can all be great for you.

People who snub games are really being ignorant, and the stereotypes tagged to gaming can really hurt its image.

What PlanetSide in particular can do is allow people to begin to develop leadership skills in an easier environment. With the social buffers of not being face to face with somebody, it's easier to begin giving commands, learning how to deal with people, and so on, when that person would find it difficult to get on the leadership ladder in real life. The consequences of being a bad leader aren't so great, so you can experiment.
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