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Re: PlanetSide as a Leadership Skill

Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
Absolutely, the younger generation voluntarily played a game that caused them to problem solve a situation, make quick precise decisions and how to deal with the consequence if it was wrong. Then they did it again.

These basic principals are what we use in every day life. Cause and effect. Conditioning your brain to do this at 15 and 16 years old leaves an imprint for life I believe.

They learn to communicate, building interpersonal communcation skills (even though some are bat shit nerdy.) They still learn too communicate regardless.

And not just for leaders, for the followers as well.. They learn how to take direction, accept what they don't understand that moment without a fight and LEARN it's purpose afterwards by experience.

Video games are an excellent visually fun tool to learn with in general, Planetside did it a little better than most.
This is why I hate it that players are always trying to think up ways to dumb down the game. We don't need automated systems to organize and in fact, it's a more beautiful thing when players pull together and coordinate on their own. My outfit organized platoons as three squads per platoon, each platoon in a squad channel. Player got on and got into the division they wanted to play on outfit channel. All of this was done long before the LFS system, the platoon system and SL Chat. I say don't put automated systems in and let the players decide how to succeed or fail amongst themselves. The real stars will rise and shine.
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