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Re: Station cash vs ingame cash.

Originally Posted by Markn View Post
The problem is your entire post is all guessing you do not know if prices need to be fixed or if something needs to change because you do not know the final prices no one does. You also have NO idea how quick you gain in game resources no one does so your question is premature and cannot be answered.
It’s not relevant at all.
If you gain X (in game currency) at the rate of T (Time) It doesn’t change the fact that I want the value of Station Cash to represent a fixed amount of X at all purchases.

The actual numbers are irrelevant along as the relationship between Station cash and in game currency are constant for pricing. (I dont care about getting an number for X i just want to se if people agree)

Originally Posted by RadarX View Post
There is a significant amount of time and research going into the value of Station Cash. We obviously want things to be reasonable but provide value for the customer as well.

As has been stated, there will be no cost to play the game. You can invest your time and nothing more. For those who want a little more customization and playstyle options? They will be available.

Yes, it’s all good. And I support it.
My question is regarding the relative value of station cash in relation to in game cash. My attempts to start a discussion about whether or not this relationship should be fixed or floating has been for not.

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