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Originally Posted by likwidneo View Post
If I can give you a little piece of advice. I've actually played quite a bit of all three sides, since launch and up until very recently, both in and out of some good outfits. If you like a little more discipline from your teammates like myself I would advise you go NC or VS. I know, totally backwards right?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be an elmo basher. I actually liked TR gear the best in PS1 and in PS2 it looks even sweeter and more attuned to my play style, but TR has failed to have a consistent large organized outfit to spearhead the rest of the empire.

Every so often a new outfit pops up with some good tactics and they swell up in ranks, but their leadership disappears after 3 or 4 months. NC have Blue Lions and Praetorian Guard, VS have Ghosts of the Revolution, Azure Twilight, and Delta Triad, all very good, long standing, and organized outfits that help organize the rest of their respective empires. TR don't have that. Also, TR CR5's (roughly the Generals of the game) seem to be the least organized of the 3 empires as well. It's all probably because I've seen the worst infighting and elitism coming from the TR, and it creates a failure to organize properly.

The problem is the leaders who are spearheading the empires now in PS1 are going to be the same ones to start spearheading those empires come PS2 beta. So I expect more of the same from TR in PS2. I hope I'm wrong, because it would be my empire of choice otherwise.

I'm sure I'm going to get flamed by one or two TR, but just putting my 2 cents out there.
Please ignore this BS, obviously some VS/NC troll trying to sway your alliegence to the republic ! Welcome to the community .
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