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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Gunner BFRs are fairly balanced these days, but the Flight BFRs are still insanely good. The only reason people think they are bad is because pilots are pretty much all terrible players. I'm only an OK player but I can go 30/1 K/D piloting a Flight BFR (and this includes eating MBTs for breakfast) without breaking a sweat. Bad players never believe me, and yet I've done it more times than I can count.

I believe you mate I play TR Invader whenever I roll armor, and its by far the most powerful single-man vehicle. You can even pull it without Tech plant!!! My best ratio is 100-0 when I went all out to get my MAX buster Platium award (10 Max kills without respawning). Took about 5 hours. Kills were mostly MAX's on hills and aircraft. I swapped out from my damaged BFR twice.

Alot of people just dont know how to use BFR's effectively. Gotta use your crouch mode to conserve your shields and not jump unless you really really need to (drains shield and turns it off while midair). And have damn good aim and tracking skills. AI make good AA and AV weapon if you can land your hits.

There are some good infantry out there who solo me sometimes with the jammer deci combo, but very very rarely and only when they get the drop on me. If I am aware of them closing the distance they have no chance; between me jumping away, or firing my jammed AI chainguns at half rate at them, it still kills them.

Someone mentioned about the bullets penetrating the shields, alot of players don't even fire their medium assault when they see a BFR. They should do, Its a major major drag for me when my AI chaingun gets half-ROF or 10% projectile range, it sends me right back for repairs. You can damage a system if you're lucky with a single shot from a bolt-driver. HSR works good too.

Last night I killed 2 Galaxy Gunships using AI Chainguns (and did the majority damage on them too - not just the kill-blow). My favourite thing to do is to jump at them and try and collide with them, its massive damage, it messes with the Gunner's aiming and a GG never expects anyone to get super aggressive against it! Vehicles also take massive damage when you sprint at them and start kicking them, while shooting them. This also knocks their vehicle about; gives the gunner a hard time aiming when their vehicle is rocking side to side, and on occasion you can kick them into water (yay!) or into some trees where they cant maneuver. On the odd occasion I've gotten some vehicles to flip over entirely, and kicking fury's or basilisks about is like playing footbalL!!!! Its so funny. Even managed to turn a few friendly vehicles over when the drivers dropped off the cliff on esamir once.

I mostly play right next to the other frontline TR forces so I can retreat easy, and I soak up ALOT OF FIRE onto my shields from enemies. Even when I'm not actually getting kills, I can GUARANTEE you that if you see my INVADER on the front line, its me who's dishing out the most damage and absorbing the most fire (for one soldier). If Planetside tracked kill assists I would have a rediculous amount of those, since I often just try and put damage on everyhing enemy that I see. More than 75% of the targets I fire at escape me with low health especially vehicles. I dont mind shooting at things even if Im unlikely to get the kill..... FOR THE EMPIRE!!!!

For defence you can sit next to the veh repair/rearm terminal and hotswap out your weapons instantly based on target. You dont even have to reload. Reavers square up to you and your AI chainguns turn into AA weapons instantly and the sky starts burning around them. You can jump to get a better line on escaping air and vehicluar targets too. Its sublime

You can jump ontop of bases and get a firing line through doors no other vehicles can reach. Perch ontop of trees while recharging your shields. Instantly climb mountains. Has a pretty impressive top speed. Its just a massive power trip!!!! I can see why some Planetsiders hated the BFRs. They couldnt beat em, and they wouldn't join them!

If every TR had Invader we would never need Oshur or another Techplant ever again. I haD dreams of a 30 man Invader platoon, but never managed to find that many Invader buddies


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