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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

BFR = Big F*cking Robot

PS2 is going to make some significant changes to both infantry and air vehicle combat, which is really good.

1) Infantry battles in PS1 were awful. With the new netcode in place for the event, it's even worse than before. Players will disappear from screen, warp, look like they're shooting you looking backwards, and shoot you before they get out of cover. TR with their MCGs get a definite advantage over VS and NC who actually have to consider where they're shooting. Understandably, gunplay was bad to accomodate large amounts of people. Because technology has advanced, this shouldn't be a problem anymore. In PS2, gunplay will be like most other AAA shooters, most notably BF3. Infantry will be able to kill other infantry from longer distances, kill faster depending on locational aiming, and will more precisely be able to set up positions. This time around, much more skill will be involved. Some people don't like the modernized mechanics, but I love every bit of it.

1.1)Base battles were even worse for infantry. Base assault consisted of sardine packed troops zerging into the respawn room to blow up the respawn tubes and kill PJs. Base defense consisted of guarding narrow passageways and shooting explosives at doors in hopes someone would run in to die. Now that bases are bigger and more diverse, the zerg coming in won't be so bottlenecked, and bases will be much more memorable. Because of this, different tactics for taking or defending will be available for bases, allowing more diversity to the game.

2)Air vehicles will handle much more realistically in PS2. In PS1, air vehicles were more or less jerky flying cameras that ignore gravity. PS2 gives aircraft both cockpits, and an adherence to Newton's 3 laws. Inertia will make turning on a dime feel more fluid, much like drift racing. This fact alone caused many people to crash into the cactus during E3. Watch closely the "Massive Air Combat" trailer for what I mean by drifting.

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