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Dropping The Hammer: A Proposal

So, there was much complaining tonight, for many reasons. The VS accuse the TR and NC of actively cooperating to boot the vs from old oshur. We simply wanted the same thing, but they accuse anyway.

I've had enough of their smugness. I'm fed up with them. I was going to make this a week of me calling nothing except VS targets and doing everything I could to be a colossal asshole to them.

I've changed my mind. I want it to be a month of the TR and NC actively cooperating and communicating to fuck the VS over, just as they accuse us of. I cannot and will not promise that all NC will follow this (indeed, some will actively work against it) but I would like to think that most NC would agree that the VS need an ass kicking properly.

Thoughts, TR? Consider this an olive branch from me.

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