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Re: Dropping The Hammer: A Proposal

Originally Posted by Braveliltoaster View Post
not all the VS are complaining, there are some of us who just don't really care all that much about it. The fact that you are getting upset is actually quite entertaining. u mad bro?
Originally Posted by Bravix View Post
Bring it. Everyone knows that without your Jackhammers and MCG's that you're all just zerglings. It's been proven every time there's an even popped battle on Oshur. I don't think I've ever lost a battle on Oshur with even pops.

So if you're so pathetically weak that you have to team up to take us out, I for one welcome the challenge.
I don't actually have to, and its likely to happen anyway, but why should NC get all the fun? That'd be selfish of us to call nothing except VS targets and leave the TR out in the cold to ghost things...

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