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Re: Naval Warfare and Potential "Continent"

Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
An Aircraft Carrier, or its equivelant in PS2 would likely be equipped with aircraft spawning terminals. Instead of being a floating pit stop, it would be a floating factory. Pretty useful if you ask me. I would rather spawn on a flagship and take a plane from there than spawn at a base on the coast then fly out to the fleet.
That is what I was thinking also. But also on the other side it could also have Infintry spawn points as well.
If the loadstar is brought back however then it could also be one of 3 aircraft that must spawn at a base because of size.

The galixy, the libarator, and the loadstar would not be able to spawn on an aircraft carrier. But in the slight chance that the loadstar dose come back. Would you realy want to spawn one in the midst of a firefight? Most likely not.
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