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Re: Naval Warfare and Potential "Continent"

Don't need a new contenant, that would be too close to the caves from core combat, but definatly expanded abilities under water and mabey some underwater facilities. Als othe ability to "sail" from one map (aka contenant) to another on araxus.

Here is a list of ideas for under water capabilities for the classes.

Just an idea but here could be some cert for specalizing in water and marsh combat.

Infiltraitor Rebreath system, hides bubles along with cloak and makes it so you can stay under water indefinatly while other classes will have to carry O2 tanks or keep close to the surface. Also mabey a speargun type sniper rifle.

Light Asault hydrojet pack. A jetpack specificly designed to operate in water enviorments. Only quick jumps outside of water, but mabey just enough to jump out of the water to land on a bridge or boat or something.

Engineer hydro mines, OF course there should be more like mabey an O2 recharge station or something along those lines. Hey how about an underwater camp?

Heavy Asault Amphibious boyanccy device, without this the Heavy assault unit will be sunk to the bottom of the pond. Here he could swim much better and stay afloat indeffenatly, or switch it off to sink, or start sinking then activate it to ake an emergency surface.

MAX Anti-submarine weapons, Hey what else is a MAX for other than to take the big guns to the fight and these can be fired underwater. Als give the MAX some type of aqua jet device that works like a jumpjet under water but cannot be used out of water.
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