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Re: Naval Warfare and Potential "Continent"

Originally Posted by Marinealver View Post
Don't need a new contenant, that would be too close to the caves from core combat, but definatly expanded abilities under water and mabey some underwater facilities. Als othe ability to "sail" from one map (aka contenant) to another on araxus.
Well the new contenant would not be at all close to the caves for 2 reasons.
1. It would be just like the others not enclosed in a tight ariea.
2. It would not have the annoying transit links that you can easly get lost on.

It would be concerderd new because it has more water coverage than any have had brefore but the reasoning for this is to make it more of a navy fight.

I do however think that "sailing" from 1 ariea to the next is a good idea. But this idea could be implmented inbetwene the "Main" contenants.

Originally Posted by Marinealver View Post
Engineer hydro mines, OF course there should be more like mabey an O2 recharge station or something along those lines. Hey how about an underwater camp?
You mean like Sea Mines or Depth Charges?

Originally Posted by Phisionary View Post
If they at some point remove footholds or introduce continents without footholds, perhaps this could add an interesting dytnamic. I made a thread about the idea of a flying superfortess that could be built. Well, either that, or some sort of floating spawn/base carrier ship, could be used to implement a way to get a new foothold on a lost-continent. If the foothold was destroyed or something, you could take a set of secondary objectives that would construct and launch a floating faction base from a different continent that would sail across the ocean and introduce a new attack vector on the continent. That might be interesting.
Maybe thay could put 1 foothold on 3 separite "main" contenants if thay do that and then when it is more open to fight to another contenant that is when naval battles take place to fight to the other contenants.
I know that it sounds more like the old lattuce link system but if the whole "planet" is on the hex system it could make for some intresting tactics/fights.
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