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Re: So.. I'm going to SOE Next week. Top Issues?

Originally Posted by GuyFawkes View Post
Bringing sanctuaries back. Footholds are a failed experiment in my eyes. Cause more problems than they were intended to solve. At least if someone goes afk in sanctuary it dosen't affect continent population. If you are in sanctuary or a warpgate you earn no resources or points. No resources are needed in sanctuary to access vehicles or equipment, but a timer is still present at all times wherever you are.

Removal of Auraxium as a resource, instead make it an accumulative player based commodity directly related to points earned in game. Make killing, support, capping points, and strategy all have equal weighting for points.

Resources. Where to start with this one? They should be a finite entity shared among the empire according to that population, not everyone gets x amount every tick for being online. Thats also why I want auraxium removed as a resource. Reward people for playing, jumping ship with 4th empire should have a negative effect not be encouraged by the game. You join the 40% empire but you all have to share the same bag of M&M's. Less enemy to fight = less points to earn=less auraxium.

Resources shouldnt be given just for being on a continent. These resources need to be logistically moved from base to base with an additional pipeline lattice, which can be defended, broken and countered. It also allows movement of resources between continents via warpgate connection. This is where they can add the old ps1 logistics and meta game in, without changing the hex or anything. It would be a simple tactical map overlay representing the lattice. It also gives a way for a empire trying to enter another continent a means of gaining resources without using the global 'per tick' nonsense. People taking down a resource link earn resources for themselves, and likewise defenders get a bonus for resecuring.

If you take a base or defend it, give them a resource, cert and xp bonus for doing so, according to the size and length of the fight and the amount of points you earn while there.
These issues but mainly the concepts of Footholds/Sancs/Cont Locking/Continental conquest. How do they plan on adding Continental conquest in if they don't have sanctuaries? I feel sancs were the key element to continental conquest. You had to kick the opposing factions from the continent and send them back to their sancs.

Auraxium is another huge concern of mine. Auraxium basically = Money. People actions are controlled far too much by the passive auraxium gain. Malorn made a great post on the official forums about different ways of doing auraxium gains but I think the general idea is to tie the gains to player actions. I'd like to know how they plan to fix the masses who jump ship for free auraxium, or the auraxium whores who camp warpgates for hours on end.
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