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Re: Joining the PS2 Team

Awesome, Malorn! You're a stand up guy and it's nice to see a community member become an employee (Brasse is another player who became an employee/great asset to SOE and the community). I didn't know you worked for microsoft - that's a feat. Thanks for windows 7. Anyhow, have a great time at SOE - be sure to give Dave Georgeson a hi5 every time you see him in the office, eh. He's my game dev hero, a really inspirational person who I imagine is fun to work with (though I do have a vivid imagination and I've never met him).

If I could ask you anything, I would ask you... What model of cell phone do you have and why? I have a blackberry 9900, because the work flow is fantastic, which makes sharing pictures of my kids with my family fast and easy and because I prefer the blackberry keyboards AND MOUSE to touch screens (having a mouse cursor on a small screen is genius!).
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