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Re: Implants Delayed due to Feedback

Originally Posted by WSNeo View Post
What he said

I'm still shocked they planned on adding all these new cool game mechanics that add many counters to the game, and they wanted to fucking charge for them? lol Either with money via SC or time via certs, either way is too high of a cost.

I thought they'd be bought with resources

To me, temporary benefits should be purchased with temporary or renewable resources.

I'd love to see implants kinda like a universal cert pool. You cert it, get improvements for it, but pay resources to actually use it.
Originally Posted by Higby View Post
And if you back in 2003 decided you wanted to play RTS games, between then and now you'd have dozens of RTS games you could have played. If you decided to play MMOFPS' between then and now, there were none

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