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Re: Balance Pass Post 1: Vehicle Weapons and the Harasser

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post

Nanoweave and Snipers

- I'll wait for the actual post, but these Snipers complaining about nanoweave want low risk/high reward situations. Snipers are already kill-streakers. The current system is fine. All these guys do is deploy spam until they get to a high cliff, high mountain, high building, top of tower, top of antenna, top of tree, then snipe with impunity with very low risk and high rewards. And they still want some more?
Please dont bunch us all in the same basket there Mordelicius

Some of us work very hard to get to that great spot. Personally, I cant be arsed deploy spamming, waste of good shoot'in time, really.

Having said that, I agree with you regarding nanoweave. Its fine as is.

I will be interested in what they are proposing also.


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