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Re: Balance Pass Post 1: Vehicle Weapons and the Harasser

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
Alot of these proposed Harasser changes make no sense. It proves the Devs are out of touch with the actual live gameplay.

- Harassers do not get damaged by Mines (they are too fast). By the time the mine explodes, they are already away from the damage radius. How many AV mines have I wasted on these things defending a Sundy/Pathways etc. Too much. They are not effective at all.

- C4 on Harassers. If PS2 has a Shingeki no Kyojin movement system, this would be useful, but only fools would allow their Harassers to get C4ed. They move too fast, by the time you switched to C4, they are already far away. They can go at full speed at all times, why go slow? The reason why LAs easily C4 tanks and Sundy is because they are normally stationary targets.

Harassers need a real nerf

- Make vehicle repair optional on defense slot (armor or repair-on-the-go. pick your sidegrade, not both)

- Armor need to be significantly reduced. It's a BUGGY not a tank. A buggy. That's why it has speed. It has damage avoidance vs. direct damage mitigation. Imagine if my beloved Flash has this much armor. You know how long a Flash can take down a tank even from a backside using Basilisk? Stop trying to turn a buggy into a tank upgrade. Their speed and change-of-direction at will is more than enough. They are hard to hit because it's difficult to predict which direction it will go (couple that with their speed) and you have a hack-mode vehicle.

- They need to be damaged upon vehicle or infantry collision.

- Marauders H need a nerf too. It's a C4 projectile. They have to significantly reduce ammo and damage/radius. Compare it to Anti-infantry Bulldog. This thing is ridiculous.

- I hear Harassers have no modified directional damage. They need be more vulnerable at the sides and back just like tanks.

- Make them more vulnerable to flipping. My scout Flash is hard to drive. These Harassers fly all over the place and not even flip.

- Vulcan H needs a real nerf. It's an powerfully upgraded Basilisk. It's good against vehicles, infantry, and aircraft. Think Basilisk sidegrade not upgrade. If it's good a AV, it has to tickle us infantry not kill us in a millisecond. Aircraft damage has to be reduced too.

- Damage must be significantly reduced especially at range. They can hit you at their speed. You can't hit them at that speed. Significant, it has to be significant. If they can't be hit at long range, they shouldn't be able to damage anything at long range.

Have the Developers even fought or encountered a Harasser, much less a Harasser spam? They pick the fights, they escape when they want to. They can ambush you if they want to (you can't escape), you can't ambush them if you want to (they escape easily). That's the problem. There's no dps in any form that can damage it enough before it can skedaddle out of view/range.

Nanoweave and Snipers

- I'll wait for the actual post, but these Snipers complaining about nanoweave want low risk/high reward situations. Snipers are already kill-streakers. The current system is fine. All these guys do is deploy spam until they get to a high cliff, high mountain, high building, top of tower, top of antenna, top of tree, then snipe with impunity with very low risk and high rewards. And they still want some more?

They don't need to fix what's not broken. All these buffs to Vulcan, HE etc. weren't necessary at all in the first place. All they did was break stuff for months. Just go to any Youtube videos of Snipers killing nonstop and you'll see there's nothing to fix.
I destroy harassers with c4 and and tank mines all the time, its really not that hard. Every point you bring up is extremely exaggerated so trying to make any kind of argument with you is probably a waste of my time.

My favorite however is how harassers never flip lol! You obviously have not spent any significant time in a harasser because they flip all the time as if they had a loaded spring underneath them just waiting to go off after the slightest bump. Sounds like an amazing idea though. Lets balance vehicles by making them incredibly prone to flipping upside down and exploding.

To be able to make balance arguments you need to have spent considerable time gaining perspective from both sides. It's obvious from your post that you have not done that.

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