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Re: Just coming back to PS1, got a few questions.

Originally Posted by Taramafor View Post
Alas, this is the problem. I can't count the number of times I've called for gunners/passengers in an attempt to go for a tube attack at the back door of an enemy base only to sit there for minutes on end. Instead everyone would rather go on foot from towers where they can easily get hit in the open instead of moving up to the wall in a raider or jug.
A lot of people still don't know how to play, I've actually been surprised at how many people are trying it out.

Even from a base to a tower it can be a long trip, but when you look at a map it doesn't seem that way.

It's tough to get people organized in such an old game. It would definitely make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone though if squads were more organized. PS in it's hay day beats any experience I had in PS2
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