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Re: GTX460 sli for $130 or a single card

It's about maintaining a dot pitch (so the graphics don't look *worse*) while increasing viewable area, as Goku alluded to. I've got a 1920x1200 24" display, and that's a good enough dot pitch that I don't often get bothered by things like aliasing. But if I want to increase the screen size to 27" or 30" or whatever, I need to increase the resolution or else my dot pitch will be degrading and I run the risk of getting back in a bothersome range, image quality-wise.

As for "good FPS gamers run at low resolutions anyways"... I don't know what to say, man. If I run a good framerate, turning down the graphics so I can't see detail as well just to get a *better* framerate seems silly. You do know that even if my reflexes are awesome enough that framerates above 45, or 60, or 75, or wherever you want to draw that line matter... there isn't a display on the planet that will do anything with more than 120 frames a second. So turning down your resolution and graphics options to get that leet 240fps is, well... yeah.

And I can say, by the same token, then, that "good FPS players buy good rigs for themselves" and accomplish the same thing.
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