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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

Originally Posted by Erendil View Post
I think I know what Sky is getting at, and I'll use the above post as an example.

Look at the bolded parts. Stardouser (and I don't mean to pick on you, I'm just using your post as an example) has voted to keep cockpits forced on because allowing the HUD option would be "an advantage." So I think he saw the different view choices like this:

Option 1: Cockpit 1st person view
Option 2: 3rd person view
Option 3: 1st person view that's exactly the same as Option 1, but with the cockpit removed.

Which is basically what Pig's poll looks like. There's little chance anyone with balance in mind would allow Option 3 since it is 100% unequivocally superior in visibility to Option 1. In this version there are no trade-offs for removing the cockpit.

However, Sky thinks it should look like this:

Option 1: Cockpit 1st person view with mouselook ability
Option 2: 3rd person view
Option 3: 1st person view with the cockpit removed, but with a smaller FOV than Option 1 and no mouselook ability

In this version, there are obvious downsides for choosing Option 3. As such, it is no longer a clear advantage over Option 1. In fact in many instances Option 1 (EDIT: oops, typo corrected) would have an advantage.

Now, I'm not saying that everyone will see the poll like the first list of options. But judging from the posts in this thread I'd say a lot of people did. Hence the potential bias in the poll.

That about right Sky?

When I made this poll, the devs had not said that there would be free mouse look. Also, if you look at the HUD view from GDC, it's not zoomed in, it's actually further out than the cockpit view. The poll was simply asking if cockpit view should be forced. I then went on to discuss a HUD option. People getting whiny and upset was not called for, it's a simple discussion. Personally, I prefer a forced cockpit view, as it adds immersion. From a gamer perspective, I prefer a HUD view as it offers a clearer view. Ether way, I don't care because I will be having fun. I have always owned in flight games.

Here's the cockpit vs. HUD comparison. Note the HUD is zoomed in, as has been said.



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