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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by SuperMorto View Post
No it shouldn't, I am all for cockpit views, I love them, its all I use until.......................... you try to park the thing between 2 trees and then things get difficult. Also there isn't much to gain from 3rd person view in the air. Also ground vehicles shouldn't have it forced, I know there is a slight advantage to having the view on for spotting reasons, but I don't think it outweighs the advantage of parking etc. Thing is your in game senses are different from real world, so we need the 3rd person view to make up for that.

And just to clear, I don't think 3rd person for infantry has any place in PS2.

But to be an affective precision pilot in this kind of fast paced game, we need 3rd person on vehicles. Thats not to say we could have a speed limit on 3rd person???..


While this is off point... I will say that... vehicles drivers don't have senses beyond what the vehicle allows them to see. People do have many senses that aid them beyond sight.. so your argument seems backwards to me. Fighter Pilots don't have cameras hovering around their air craft in order to land them... and they don't dodge between trees because that's suicidal at 300+ MPH.
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