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Originally posted by Revenant
Yea, what's the deal? There was suppose to be 100's if not 1000's?

But those are way more kick ass then I expected

But what happened to those ones that you use to see on Hamma's outfit? That yellow and black slanted lined hazard thing?

And I remember seeing a skull with a pair of wings behind it on a MAX from an old screenshot.

Oh, and:

*NC and VS soldiers run in terror*
"It's the l337 poodle clan!!! Run! RUN!! "

That's funny. I saw the Hulk last night and theres this giant mutated killer poodle that tries to kill the Hulk.
Originally Posted by Higby View Post
And if you back in 2003 decided you wanted to play RTS games, between then and now you'd have dozens of RTS games you could have played. If you decided to play MMOFPS' between then and now, there were none
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