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Why are non expansion people not going to be able to use expansion equipment that's been looted?

With the issues PS has currently with items beyond a persons view being drawn unneccsarily are you concerned there may be major FPS issues in the urban settings?

How compact are the urban settings?

Is the architecture style for the urban settings extremely alien (rounded, odd shapes) or is it more like modern day city settings with identifiable buildings?

Are the buildings/structures completely fleshed out with multiple rooms and entrances or are they more on the simple side?

How is the Lodestar coming along?

How are Platoons coming along?

Base benefits are rumored to roll out to test soon, is there any truth to that?

Does it seem balanced that the Reaver has more armor than the Lightning given the Reaver's increased manuverability?

Do you feel the Empire specific tanks are equal given the Prowlers need for a larger crew and it's larger profile?

Are there any plans to create "Heavy" tanks at some point whether it be through free additions or another expansion?

Have countermeasures for aircraft ever been discussed as a defense against locking weapons?

Are you guys concerned at all about the server populations, particularily on the less populated servers such as Johari?

Wow, I can usually never think of questions

*Edited for length*

(I went into detail on a few because I remember the last interview where a few questions were asked but never answered because the he wasn't sure what was being asked )
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