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I'm prepping a big explanatory document about the balance pass that's coming, so I'm not going to try to get into the details here (you really must see the entire picture to get it all, sorry), but here's a few tidbits of the *modified* tanks forthcoming:

The Prowler is getting more shots per second in order to fulfill the TR's vaunted "most shots in the air" conceit (most damage over time). The Prowler has less armor than the Vanguard (slightly more than the Magrider), but can really pour out the firepower now. Keep them alive (and have all three crew inside) and these tanks are very powerful.

The Vanguard is getting more armor (and already *has* the cannon that fires the most powerful projectile in the game), so it's a tough sonagun.

The Magrider is still all about mobility and it's direct-fire weaponry. It's the fastest of the three tanks, the most nimble, and without having to compensate for indirect fire, it's cannons can be deadly in a tank-to-tank fight.
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