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Its gold, not yellow, and I think it looks bad-ass.

Anarchy in it's purest form wont last, but freedom endures millenia. We will know better that to trust blindly, for that is the downfall of the Republic. We know better than to trust technology to the point of dependance, for that is the downfall of the Vanu.

We will work togeather toward a common goal, but when that goal is reached, we will not trust each other enough to follow. We will be causiouse of each other, because we know they don't trust us either.

We are trying to show the sheep that they dont have to be led to the slaughter by their sheapards, even if us wolves must show them that the sheapards cant protect them from everything. Leaders need folowers, but followers only need leaders if they can't do something on their own.

New regiems form when people trust too much in their leader. We know that the leaders are there for themselvs, and maybe their families, but we know that they are not there for us, he is not perfect, and he is not bulletproof(unless he's in a Vangaurd )

Oh yeah, , silly purple lasers.
Some say power corrupts, I say the corrupt seek power.
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