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I like everything this guy has said so far except in the third video he says that every thing no matter how tough can be damaged by the weakest pistol, This is one of the major things wrong in the first PlanetSide, don't think this is the best way to have a competitive fps that is the old model, other very competitive shooters have gone in a very different direction. Make the players be smart and use tactics with the right weapons to kill the right things. Not every weapon should be able to kill anything with enough hits! AV was something that never worked right in PlanetSide, it took like 15-20+ rounds from a av shoulder rocket launcher to kill a tank! I know a lot of people that just never took AV because it was so week and they knew they could kill vehicles by just shooting at weak ones with there HA. Make it so it only takes a few rounds or one really well placed round to disable a tank with AV, he all ready said that the weapons are going to be more lethal in PS2 so don't half ass it. Make week spots on heavy armor units like there really are and make AV work right and you wont have any problems just don't make it so a weak handgun can kill a tank with a lucky shot or even a max for that matter, there bullets should just bounce right off there high armor forcing them to work together with there squad/outfit/faction mates carrying AV to help them out with the kill, this is how you force cooperative play with your team mates which is what PlanetSide is all about. Avoid the universal soldier that goes around kill whoring everything with 2 HA guns! But heavier riffles could still do light damage and AV rounds should blow them sky high in no time, A tank driver like my self should fear a single infantry soldier wielding AV not drive toward him knowing I can run him over before he can get enough shots into me to kill me. Like even one really well placed shot to its weak spot should kill a tank, this is how you make a good modern shooter that most ps players are ready for and crave for.

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