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I like everything this guy has said so far except in the third video he says that every thing no matter how tough can be damaged by the weakest pistol,
I think what he meant by that was that there will never be a moments like there are in role playing games where if someone is of a higher level to yourself and no matter what you do you cannot beat them. This is often because in role playing games being of a higher level gives you things like more health and more damage meaning in a one on one situation you can use this to beat other players of a lower level to yourself by default.

I think he was saying that although there will be customization and RPG elements in PlanetSide 2 it will still be the same as it is in the current PlanetSide, where anyone can kill anyone else regardless of level and he was just using a pistol as an example. Of course a pistol wouldn't be any good against a tank but it will never do zero damage.

To sum it up battle rank gives options and versatility but not sheer power and I like that.
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