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I totally agree with you on that..and this is something that makes planetside different and better then all others!

Its this that is the problem you say a pistol is no good against a tank but me and my gunner have died multiple times in a tank to a pistol because " it never does zero damage" or a hand grenade which should not do any damage to heavy armor units either, You see multiple times me and my awesome driving ability have saved me, my gunner and my tank from a hoard of AV rounds only to die once we stop to repair at a safe distance from the front line to a cloaker with a stupid pistol because are tank is 99% dead all ready from the AV. This is stupid! And especially with the change to a class system and more focus on team play which is awesome by the way I hope they don't screw this up again like they did on ps1 it was one of the most annoying things from the first game. A infantryman in a heavy armor yes a pistol should be able to eventually kill him especially with a head shot I would be fine with a one hit kill for that but it SHOULD DO ZERO DAMAGE to a max or vehicle with heavy armor and the same with regular assault riffles! Pistols with there slug style rounds should hit harder and do more damage per round then lowered powered riffles but suffer the range and accuracy riffles get with there typically pointed rounds so this would encourage players to use pistols over riffles for closer targets and make pistols own!! over every thing other then HA weapons for indoor combat. Which is how you will actually see real soldiers do it when they enter a building they will drop there M-4 assault riffle to there sling and pull there 9mm or better yet there 45 cal. because they don't need the range and they are going to be hitting a lot harder and doing more damage with there pistol slugs. But if see's a tank of heavy armor target if he don't have AV type weapons or armor piercing high caliber rounds he wont even shoot at it cause they will just bounce off its armor this is how it should be in Planetside 2 and there for forcing him to rely on his comrades with the av or a like to take out the target with a quick and clean kill.

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