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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

If you guys like the ideas please use the vote button at the top of the thread

This forum is sorted by those votes so the ideas people like float to the top and get noticed/discussed more and refined.

Also it may already be in, but support for it never hurts even if it is. The devs use this forum for feedback so let 'em see it.

I suspect that the giant ships we saw in some of the art might be the uncaps. If that's the case then the uncaps moving over differnet warpgates randomly every few weeks just sort of makes sense. They might even be constantly moving around the outside edges of the continents. Though ships make it harder to deploy tanks from them, but there's ways around that.

The randomization itself is very simple if there's 3 static points where uncaps could possibly exist. Given 3 static locations there's 6 permutations of configuration. Simply randomly generate 1-6 and pick one (can re-run it if the same configuratinon comes up).
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