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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

I think the general impression so far is that the warpgates are where the uncaps are since those were invulnerable in PS1 and we've seen some concept art of stuff around the warpgate. They're also on the outskirts of the continent and make sense if a player is traveling from cont to cont they are right there at the gate.

So at the most basic level it'd basically be randomly swapping which empire is at which warpgate. The territory control system would take over from there. The new location gives you access to attack different territory and will likely re-shape the landscape on that continent, but you'd be attacking it from a different angle and opponent positions have changed so while you may end up fighting over the exact same territory, this next time you'll be on the other side of the ridge, and your opponent may be TR instead of VS. That's pretty much what I'm going for here.
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