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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

Cool plan, one hitch: territory control.

It'd kind of suck if the TR hold the south east quadrant of a continent, and then the next morning their home base on the continent gets sent to the far end of that continent.

Might be a small gripe in the long run, but I can see some outfits getting upset over losing valuable territories with rarer minerals they could have otherwise defended if only they could deploy from the south east corner of the map!

I guess in a way that could be a stalemate ender too though. Sort of a win-lose scenario really.

I would prefer the occasional rotation/randomization though, and I'd hope there are more than just those 3 locations. Preferably there would be extra empty locations on the continent the uncaps could be harbored in, just for that added bit of randomness.
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