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Originally Posted by Effective View Post
Making claims before posting actual evidence is dumb.
Wow. Just found this ...

Ok yea ... TRx's own list of confirmed and wait a minute ... unconfirmed cheaters ?!?! Maybe you may want to consider making this TRx forum post non-public or break the link?

Hypocrit. Time to start choking on your own big fat [insert whatever you like here because I dont really care].

And you got me wrong there again ... I did not set out to get TRx banned. Having only resubbed less than a fortnight ago, I am totally unaware of TRx's reputation or in-game politics until 5 minutes ago (love Google).

Post-edit: Flames aside, to be fair, though there are many reports on the web, I do not believe the evidence until I see it for myself. I would NOT go so far as to brand the entire TRx clan as cheaters. My view is that they are in fact a bunch of very good gamers who take their pastime quite seriously but are unfortunately tarnished by a few bad apples.

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