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Originally Posted by pscheaters View Post
Wow. Just found this ...

Ok yea ... TRx's own list of confirmed and wait a minute ... unconfirmed cheaters ?!?!

Hypocrit. Time to start choking on your own big fat [insert whatever you like here because I dont really care].

And you got me wrong there again ... I did not set out to get TRx banned. Having only resubbed less than a fortnight ago, I am totally unaware of TRx's reputation or in-game politics until 5 minutes ago (love Google).
Forgot I even had that. Thought it was lost since I was under the impression the forums/website would go permanently down, apparently it came back up recently, thanks for letting me know.

I moved the document to a google document before hand.

I removed the unconfirmed cheaters list for 1 particular reason, that being that if I want to catch a cheater, seems like a bad idea to have a public resource available with a players name (with that being said, I may as well remove that unconfirmed list while I remember).

Hypocrite? No, someone who's giving advice over past mistakes? Yes.

As for not caring, you took the time to google an outfit over a matter which you "don't care about" as you say. Sure you don't care. I still believe in Santa. ./end sarcasm

I only assumed you were talking about us for the simple "rounding you guys up" in a response to me, which implies clearly more then you meant in this case. Not that it matters with TRx being a dead outfit. I also apologize for the misunderstanding.

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