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Re: Planetside Cheaters

It seems like this entire thread has turned into an unproductive (not that it was terribly productive in the first place) flame thread - which seems to be exactly what the troll has desired. Using cheats to catch cheaters, while innovative (Read: Not innovative) is hardly commendable, nor is it at all productive, as it supports those who create the cheats.

Furthermore, this is in regards to Planetside 1, which, while I love it, has seemingly very little do with what Planetside 2 will BECOME based on what the devs have said in regards to cheat detection. We have little more information than that. Rather than not trusting them and their own ability to recognize cheaters and the importance of removing them from the equation in PS2, lets not presume that we, as all-powerful as pscheaters would like us to believe he is by buying some cheats and making a list (and checking it twice!) are any more capable of catching cheaters in the game that even he has claimed is rife with cheaters.

Let us INSTEAD take the opportunity to be constructive with ways that we can HELP dev's catch cheaters in this next, wonderful iteration of a game we all love to play.

What do yah say? More flames? or should we douse this fire to build a house worth living in, rather than watching our old one go up in smoke?

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