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Originally Posted by CidHighwind View Post
Let us INSTEAD take the opportunity to be constructive with ways that we can HELP dev's catch cheaters in this next, wonderful iteration of a game we all love to play.
What do you think one of my agenda is with these posts? Levels 2, 3 and 4 controls against game hacking described above requires increasing levels of support from game developers and should, rightfully, be exercised server-side (and possibly even client-side) by the game developers themselves.

Because PS2 is around the corner, the timing is better than ever right now to emphasise what cheating does to games and PS1's shortcomings. It kills games in 2 ways:
1. players without cheats quit out of frustration
2. players with cheats get banned or they get bored and leave eventually because the element of PVP challenge is gone

All that said, I am confident PS1 has a good team at the moment that are well aware of all these issues and have considered or are working on game designs that minimises the impact cheats can have on games.

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