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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by retrogreq View Post
That boils down to what you define as an "outfit". Semantics.

The MLG precedent is pretty obvious if you read the rule-set on the MLG website. Some of the time-frames are different in TWL or cevo (24 hours prior to the match vs 6 hours), but all the rules for roster changes are the same. I think most of these complaints are coming from people unfamiliar with how competition, teams, ladders, and things like that actually work. If/when the actual ladder starts, and it isn't just scrims, QRY, Notorious, and TGWW would pick one of these tags to represent, and all fight together. You won't be seeing both/all in the same ladder (unless teams get narrowed down to under 4-8 per side, then we would likely fight under different tags to keep things interesting.)
First of all, this isn't MLG. Second, it doesn't matter what I define an "outfit" is, PS2 does that for us.

I'm not knocking anyone here, I just don't believe these matches should be advertised as particular outfits, if the outfits involved are just going to grab the best players they can from others. As in your MLG example, name the team and note which outfits are involved.
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