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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Sardus View Post
I look at the air thing from a different perspective.

Every enemy player in the air is one less player on the ground. You have the numbers advantage when it comes to holding indoor points. Even if they have the hard spawn in a tower or something, and you don't.

Getting there is the trick. If you're able to get to the target and bring your A game of medics and engineers, you don't need that Sundy spawn. You just hold the point with the higher infantry/max leverage.

Doesn't always work of course. But that's what I often do. It forces them to either come out of the air vehicles (because even if you kill them they will just pull another), or lose the ground game.
Your third paragraph was the issue we had. After the air was under VS control every push we did, even to defend bases, we had to go back to warpgate and pull resources to get back into the fight. Not only for Sunderers & Galaxies (which both would be hit or destroyed before moving out past the first line of bases) but also for the AA resources to deter their air.

Definitely a huge drain on resources and time to do this considering the current form of the Nexus' spawn mechanics, as well as having no spawn beacons or ability to squad deploy.

Getting an infantry force set up anywhere becomes a matter of attrition from air attacks, as there is not any safe locations for sunderers, or, broadly, from spawn room to capture points when defending.

On Live, that is something we do quite often too Sardus, but on Nexus it plays out very differently.

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